The Gun Owners Legal Defense Network is designed to make gun owners feel comfortable and confident in carrying and using their firearms by offering full legal representation if they are ever charged, criminally or civilly, when they are legally carrying or using their weapon. For an annual membership fee of $100, GOLD'N will provide our member with an attorney to defend against all charges arising out of the legal use of their firearm, with absolutely no cap on the cost of that defense.

We are NOT an insurance agency and do not issue policies. We are simply a third party that pays for an attorney from our network to defend our member, whether it be a criminal charge or a civil action. There is no cap on the fees, GOLD'N will pay for a network attorney to defend members, we cover all attorney fees no matter how much they are. Our member is not asked to pay any additional attorney’s costs.

When the idea was born to form an organization that would benefit gun owners, there were three main categories to consider when compiling our team. We needed experts in the area of firearms. We also needed personnel who were able to deal with local, county, and state law enforcement agencies. The third important category is qualified legal counsel, attorneys who are well versed in the area of gun ownership and use.

Each one of our chapters is comprised of three divisions, firearms, law enforcement, and legal counsel. Each division is headed up by an expert in their area, offering the public the best possible informational network in the industry today.


The Gun Owners Legal Defense Network knew that experts in the area of gun ownership were necessary to offer the best education possible when it comes to guns. Those experts would also need to be gun instructors, able to convey to an audience the complexities of each and every firearm on the market. They also needed to be concealed carry permit instructors and be familiar with the laws that go along with carrying a firearm.

Each one of our chapters is headed up by the best gun experts available. Each one has years of experience in firearm instruction, gun laws in your area, and conducting concealed carry permit classes.


Another important factor in the ownership and use of firearms is dealing with law enforcement in your area. Each one of our chapters is headed up by an active, former, or retired law enforcement officer, including police patrolmen, detectives, and State Troopers. If you are ever faced with an unwarranted arrest for carrying or using your weapon, we have officers familiar with police procedure and who will be your advocate dealing with the arresting agency. These officers also provide valuable insight into how law enforcement deals with a person who decides to carry a firearm.

There is a police officer in charge of the law enforcement division of each one of our chapters. Those officers are standing by and are available to assist our members if there is ever a situation dealing with your local law enforcement agency.


While gun instructors and police officers can be great assets to the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network, one of the most important aspects of the organization is the legal expertise offered by our team of attorneys. There is nothing more assuring than having a competent attorney by your side if you are ever charged with a criminal or civil offense regarding your firearm. Each one of our chapters is headed up by an attorney well versed in the laws of your state concerning the ownership and use of firearms. You will not find better representation than that offered by our team.


Concealed Carry instructors all across the country were discovering that although their students had obtained their permit to carry their firearm, many were still hesitant to do so. One of those instructors conducted a poll of his students only to discover that many were still unfamiliar with their firearm and were afraid of legal problems if they were ever forced to use their weapon in a self defense situation. He concluded that there had to be a service for gun owners to make them feel comfortable with their firearm and that would encourage them to carry the weapon. The Gun Owners Legal Defense Network was born. Studies have shown that people who are familiar with firearms are far more likely to use them. With knowledge comes power. Knowing how your gun responds in every situation makes the gun owner more confident in using it. Knowing how to deal with your local law enforcement agency gives the gun owner more confidence in speaking with the police. Knowing your Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment and being familiar with your local and concealed carry laws gives you the confidence to know you are not breaking the law. And knowing that there are experts in every aspect of gun ownership and use only a phone call away will dispel many of the fears associated with carrying and using your firearm.

Do you have any questions? You can call us toll-free at 1-888-317-1676. Or you can send us a message in the form below. One of our staff will answer your questions.