There are instances where a member has used his firearm to deter an incident and was never required to pull the trigger. The term used in this situation is "brandishing" a firearm. The same rules apply here that would apply if you actually had to pull the trigger. Brandishing (displaying your weapon in an aggressive nature) requires the same standard of the chance of death or serious bodily harm.

The penalties of brandishing your firearm without just cause can result in serious charges. A gun owner became angry at the neighborhood children who were playing near his car in the driveway. After warning them several times, he went and got his handgun. He walked out on his porch and pointed the gun at the children, ordering them to stay away from his car. The man was charged menacing, a felony. Face it, the man was certainly not in danger of his life, and the action was purely offensive and not defensive. GOLD'N would not defend this man under any circumstances.

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