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QUESTION: JERRY B, BIG SPRING, TEXAS. I live in Texas but travel often to New Mexico and Arizona. Am I covered for legal representation if I am involved in a gun incident in one of those other states?

ANSWER: It doesn't matter where you live or where you travel, the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network will provide you with an attorney wherever the incident takes place in the United States.

QUESTION: BRENDA C, COLUMBUS, OHIO. Your web site states that members are guaranteed legal defense against any criminal and civil litigation arising out of the "legal use of a firearm." What do you mean by that statement?

ANSWER: We will provide a legal defense for our members involved in a shooting as long as the member, at the time of the incident, was not violating any local, state, or federal laws. We use the example of the CHL permit holder who pulled his gun to scare children who were playing near his car. We would not defend those actions, since it did not involve a self-defense situation.

QUESTION: GEORGE R, SCRANTON, PA. What if I am in a "gun free zone" but I am carrying my firearm and a situation arises where I must defend myself or another person from a deadly situation?

ANSWER: We have stated that even when a law might have been broken by our member, if their actions saved a life or averted a tragedy, that incident will be examined by our review board and we may elect to defend that member. An excellent example is the Portland Mall incident, where in a gun-free zone, a CHL permit holder pulled his weapon on a shooter who had already killed two people. That person saved countless lives, and would very likely be defended by our attorneys.

QUESTION: DAVID S, CLEVELAND, OHIO. The attorney in your video says that there is "no cap" on the cost of the legal services provided by your company. What if the case is drawn out like the Treyvon Martin shooting and the cost is astronomical?

ANSWER: Our Executive Director means exactly what he says. If you are a member of the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network, you will be defended by our attorneys throughout all criminal and civil proceedings at absolutely no additional cost to you no matter how lengthy or costly that defense ends up being.

QUESTION: BRAD G, TAMPA, FLORIDA. How does your company compare to the other companies that offer the same things you do like legal representation if I ever get in trouble with my gun?

ANSWER: When we structured the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network, we did an extensive amount of research on other similar companies in the country. First and foremost, we are a NON-PROFIT organization, something you won't find in other similar companies. If you would like to see the comparison between our corporation and others, go to our link "Our Competition." There you will find a list of other similar companies and how they compare with GOLD'N.

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