Co-Founder Robert R. Surgenor Sr.

Surgenor began his career catching bad guys as a security supervisor for a large corporation, where he investigated cases of customer and employee theft. His major responsibility was to interrogate suspects involved in theft cases. He attended interrogation schools, including the John E. Reid Interrogation Tactics and Techniques system of questioning. Choosing law enforcement as his profession, he joined the Berea, Ohio Police Department in 1982. During his years on the department, he has pursued several areas of interest, including police radar and the use of videotape in police work. He was placed in charge of the department's video program and attended some of the best video production schools in the country.

Two areas of expertise


In 1987, Surgenor became one of the first police officers to mount a video camera in his police cruiser, and in 1988, captured the very first high speed stolen car chase ever videotaped in the world from beginning to end along with the capture of the suspects. He has appeared on many nationally televised shows with his video tapes such as World's Wildest Police Chases, The World's Most Amazing Videos, The Maury Povich Show, Wildest Police Videos, Extra, and Real TV.

In 1995, Surgenor was assigned to the detective bureau and was placed in charge of the juvenile crime unit. Surgenor has studied juvenile crime extensively, attending and conducting seminars on juvenile crime, gangs, parental authority, and discipline. His book, No Fear, A Police Officer's Perspective, was released in January of 2000. He has appeared on MSNBC to debate Dr. Murray Straus on the subject of child discipline. He has also debated Dr. Heidi Feldman of the American Academy of Pediatrics on national television when the academy released their position against spanking. In September of 2000, Surgenor went to Hollywood as a guest on the Dr. Laura television show, promoting his belief that spanking is a necessary part of child rearing. He has since appeared twice on the Montel Williams show to argue against the anti-spanking movement. In July of 2001, he was a guest on The Edge With Paula Zahn on the Fox News Network as an advocate of corporal punishment.

Surgenor was recognized as an authority on juvenile offenders and corporal punishment, and continued to educate parents, police officers, prosecutors, and judges, about America's Child Abuse laws and parental rights in raising children until his passing in 2018. Click here to read more about his passing.

The right to own and bear arms


A staunch supporter of the Second Amendment right of the citizens to own and bear arms, Surgenor and several other law enforcement officers, gun experts, and attorneys, saw the need to help gun owners to feel comfortable in owning and carrying their firearms. The Gun Owners Legal Defense Network was born. A non-profit corporation, GOLD'N is designed to provide legal representation to its members if they are ever wrongfully arrested or charged when using their firearm. In addition, the company offers training and education in the area of firearm ownership and use. Surgenor continues to be in the media forefront promoting the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network and our Constitutional right to own and bear arms.